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Ernest Thompson Seton Park

The E.T. Seton Park is on the West Don River near the Forks of the Don. It is accessed from the Thorncliffe Park apartment community and from Don Mills Road. We hiked a wilderness area with steep hills and narrow paths used by mountain bikers.

(path through the woods) woods

Path through the woods, Oct. 2005

Woods, Oct. 2005

(hiking) West Don

Hiking over makeshift bridge

West Don River

woods woods

Woods in Oct. 2005

Woods in Oct. 2005

(bikers structures) picnic area

Biker's structures, Oct. 2005

Picnic area and autumn colours

(wetlands) (Canada Geese in pond)

Wetlands, Sept. 2006

Canada Geese feeding in pond, June 2006

(yellow warbler) (catbird)

Female yellow warbler in June 2006

Gray Catbird in June 2006

See also Sauriol Conservation Reserve near the Forks of the Don.

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