Parks and Gardens in Toronto Central area

Photography by Margaret McRae















  • Edwards Gardens and the Toronto Botanical Garden on Wilket Creek
    located in Don Mills near Lawrence East and Leslie.

    7 photos include floral displays, White Admiral butterfly, tulip tree, magnolia tree and Wilket Creek

  • new  Wilket Creek, a tributary of the West Don
    10 photos include scenery in summer, autumn and winter, trees, green frog, snapping turtle

  • Lower Don River Valley
    10 photos include Chester Springs Marsh, the lower Don River, Crothers Woods and Sun Valley, the Beechwood wetlands and meadows, butterflies and a rabbit

  • Birds in the Lower Don River Valley
    10 photos include Black crowned night heron, Great blue heron, woodpecker, oriole, killdeer, spotted sandpiper, ducks, goldfinch, red winged blackbirds

  • Lower Don River Valley in Winter
    8 photos include Chester Springs Marsh, Mallard ducks, Black duck, scenery

  • Toronto Don Valley Brickworks Park
    a restoration project of the TRCA and Evergreen.

    14 photos of the park, the geologically significant North Slope, wildflowers, plants, trees and wetlands.

  • Wildlife in Don Valley Brickworks Park
    10 photos of Beaver, turtle, Great Blue Heron, Green Heron, Chickadee, Golden crowned Kinglet, Red winged blackbird, Song Sparrow, green frog.

  • Don Narrows, Mouth and Keating Channel
    a degraded channelized area of the Don
    8 photos include the scenery, Mallard ducks, Mute Swan, Black Crowned Night Herons

  • City Gardens
    Delightful garden interludes in the financial and entertainment districts, 2 photos include wildgrass garden and pool near skydome.

  • Ernest Thompson Seton Park
    Near the forks of the Don, this park has picnic areas, forest trails, wetlands and is accessed from Thorncliffe Park or Don Mills Road.
    8 photos taken in October 2005 on a hike through the woods on trails used by mountain bikers and 4 photos in 2006 of wetlands, yellow warbler, catbird and Canada Geese.

  • Charles Sauriol Conservation Area
    Running from the forks of the Don, to Lawrence Avenue east of the Don Valley Parkway
    8 photos of the East Don River scenery, Wigmore Park and Elevated Wetlands at the Forks of the Don

  • new  Cudmore Creek and Todmorden Road in the Lower Don Valley
    3 photos along an abandoned historic road in Aug. 2001 and 3 photos of Cudmore Creek in Nov. 2006

  • Burke Brook and Sherwood Park
    An open portion of a partly buried creek, 4 photos include the brook in July 2001 and March 2006 and White breasted nuthatches

  • new  G. Ross Lord Park on the West Don
    5 photos include the dam, scenery, wildflowers, goldfinch and trumpeter swan

  • German Mills Creek
    A tributary of the East Don, located in Markham; 6 photos include the creek, wildflowers and a garter snake in April 2006

My photos may be used for not-for-profit educational purposes if I am given credit for the photos and I would appreciate being advised where my photos are being used.

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