Parks and Gardens in Toronto Central

Wildlife in Toronto Brickworks Park

This page features wildlife in the Toronto Brickworks Park, particularly birds. There is a separate page for the scenery in the park with plants, wildflowers, trees, ponds and geology.
(Great blue heron) (Great blue heron)

Great Blue Heron in August 2003

Great Blue Heron in August 2003

(Green heron) (painted turtles)

Green Heron in Sept. 2005

Midland Painted Turtles in May 2006

(chickadee) (golden crowned kinglet)

Black capped chickadee in April 2006

Golden crowned kinglet in April 2006

(beaver) (red winged blackbird)

Beaver in April 2006

Red winged blackbird in April 2006

(song sparrow) (green frog)

Song sparrow in June 2006

Green frog in June 2006

See also Lower Don River in the same area

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