Parks and Gardens in Toronto Central

Lower Don River Valley

Photos of scenery taken on many visits to the valley. I have created a separate page for Birds in the Lower Don Valley and there are also separate pages for the Lower Don River Valley in Winter, the Don Narrows and Mouth, the Toronto Brickworks Park and E.T. Seton Park

(Don river) (Lower Don River)

Lower Don River in July 2005

Lower Don River in October 2005

(Don river) Chester Springs Marsh

Lower Don River in September 2005

Chester Springs Marsh in September 2006, a regeneration project

Sun Valley Beechwood wetlands

Sun Valley from Crothers Woods in Sept. 2004

Beechwood Wetlands backend in Sept. 2005

(Beechwood wetlands planting) (Beechwood wetlands)

Beechwood Wetlands first planting in June 2003

Beechwood Wetlands, a regeneration project

(deer) (rabbit)

White tailed deer in June 2007

Rabbit in August 2006

(Monarchs on goldenrod) (cinquefoil)

Monarchs on Goldenrod in Sept. 2005

Sulphur Cinquefoil in June 2007

See also Cudmore Creek and E.T. Seton Park and the Brickworks Park in the same area.

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