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Toronto Brickworks Park

This is a regeneration project of the Toronto Region Conservation Authority and Evergreen
The North Slope has geological significance.
Photos taken on many visits since September 2001 on tours with FODE, Evergreen, Lost River Walks and the Toronto Field Naturalists and on my own. I have created a separate page for wildlife in the park with birds, turtles, beaver.
North Slope and pond withcattails wildflowers

North slope and pond with cattails


View of Brickworks Park shale and sandstone

View of park from the lookout

Shale and sandstone

(Brickworks Park) (wetlands)

Brickworks Park from North Slope in May 2006

Wetlands and trees

(Surfacing of Mud Creek) (cattails)

Surfacing of Mud Creek


(Ponds) (North slope and trees)

Pond with pond lilies and cattails

North Slope and Colourful Trees

(Tamarack) (trees)

Tamarack Tree

Fall colours

(North slope) (reflections)

North Slope

Reflections of Pond and North Slope

See alsoLower Don River in the same area

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