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Don Narrows, Mouth and Keating Channel

This is a degraded section of the Don where the river has been straightened into a channel between the highway and railway tracks and empties into the Keating Channel. The area is the subject of the Don Mouth Naturalization and Portlands Flood Protection Project Environmental Assessment and we look forward to having a beautiful wetland someday. Even though it is so degraded we still enjoy some wildlife along the narrows.

Photos taken in 2005 and 2006.

(Don Narrows) Don Narrows

Don Narrows in March 2006

Don Narrows in March 2006

Mallard ducks Mute Swan

Mallard ducks in Don Narrows
Photo taken in March 2006

Mute Swan in Don Narrows
Photo taken in March 2006

(black crowned night herons) (juvenile black crowned night heron)

3 Black Crowned Night Herons in tree

Juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron

(Don Mouth) (Keating Channel)

Don Mouth

Keating Channel

See also Lower Don Valley and The Don in Winter and the Brickworks Park in the same area.

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